Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 26, 2008

Hog Heaven?

Bacon seems to elevate all foods to a whole new level of yum, wouldn’t you say? On the side of some eggs and toast, crumpled and scattered over your salad, in a cheeseburger, wrapped around shrimp…  Oh the endless possibilities….But chocolate covered bacon? Does that hit the spot for you?

image taken from

image taken from

For me it stirs a bit of a gag reflex.  There are many savory sweet combinations out there that work: ham and pineapple on pizza, chocolate covered pretzels, prosciutto and melon, candied pears and foie gras…but pork meat, pork fat and chocolate? I dunno about that one.  I suppose the bacon would lend a nice salty crunch to the creamy chocolate coating….but i can’t mentally get past the combination of pork fat and chocolate.  However if this is your cup of tea, you can find this as well as fine spicy bacon buttercrunch at Ronie-Sue’s Chocolates on the lower east side. Let me know how it is — perhaps I can be swayed. 🙂

image taken from

image taken from

If you love that, raise your hand and move on with me to my next odd bacon lover’s discovery.  An alarm clock that cooks bacon.  Yes, I will repeat it for you: an alarm clock that cooks bacon.  10 minutes to the appointed hour, your trusty clock will actually start to cook the frozen bacon pieces you placed into its tray the night before.

image taken from

image taken from

Next thing you know you will be waking up to the smell and sizzle of freshly cooking bacon.  What you believe to be good ole mom cooking you breakfast downstairs is really your alarm clock!!! Innovative? Perhaps. Delicious? Most definitely.  Now how do you explain the ever present smell of bacon in your clothes and bedroom to your dates?

image taken from

image taken from

Roni-Sue’s Chocolates:  Essex Street market #24, 20 Essex Street, New York, NY

Wake n’ Bacon Alarm clock



  1. that alarm clock is funny

  2. It’s all about the fried bacon. Yum yum, heart attack here I come!

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