Posted by: Hungry Korean | October 22, 2008

Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her CANNED curds and whey

Does that nursery rhyme sound more appealing to you?  CANNED curds and whey…let’s ponder that one because apparently everything can be canned. And i mean everything.

Since i’ve already explored canned cheeseburgers and canned bacon with my fine readers, I think it’s time to expand the mind and research our other canned options, ya know, in case the Apocalypse actually happens and we need to live out of our basements or aliens invade the earth a la Scientology and we need to hide in caves..or whatever us non believers have to do.

Canned WHOLE CHICKEN (!!!!)


Well ya know, for those days you just don’t want to go to the grocery store and get a FRESH chicken???? Why…



Oh dear.  Ok just remember, Koreans brought you the coned pizzas and the $177 burger made of Wagyu beef topped with foie gras, black truffles and lobster…

Apparently, my peeps also brought you this nastiness.  My parents told me this came into the Korean diet back when the country was war torn and there wasn’t enough food.  These critters provided the protein lacking in their diet. Just remember the sad story before you go judging us!

Jellied EELS

See — look what the English like.  We all have a bit of freak in us. 🙂


Jarred BALUT

A popular Filipino street snack, balut is a boiled three-week-old fertilized duck egg, eaten straight out of the shell…or in this case, jarred.


EWWWW. Ok please, please click on the link to find out what balut really is and/or looks like. These jarred pictures do not do the product justice. You have to click to really understand why this preserved version is grossing me out.

For more canned deliciousness, go to



  1. where, oh where did you come up with this? in any case, i had the whole canned chicken for dinner this evening, what with the market dropping another 500 points, and it was terrible. ssam soon please!

  2. That is some serious nasty.

  3. ok…. seriously…. SO GROSS!!!!! Bugs, then Eel??? then dead rotting baby bird???? EW EW EW Why don’t people just go eat trash? I am nausesous. Thanks for helping me with my diet though!!!

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  6. Once a filipino friend gave me balut. It tastes like chicken soup. Once you get over what it actually is, it’s pretty good.

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