Posted by: Hungry Korean | October 31, 2008

Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive — Meatpacking

Executive Chef:  Pascal Lorange

Couple friends and I went to Fig & Olive for a much needed catch up dinner last weekend.  I’d been meaning to try this restaurant for awhile and was excited I was finally about to.

The space is very sleek, loftlike and softly lit. This restaurant is a great purveyor of the greenish amber serum known as olive oil and even offers olive oil tastings. A quick glance of the menu and you know the place is named after it’s often used ingredients of figs and olives.

Diners are served a bread basket with three choices of olive oil. We shared several apps for the table.  One was the tuna carpaccio with 18 year balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, cilantro, arugula, lemon and marcona almond.

Tuna is sliced paper thin and the sesame oil is cut by the sharpness of the lemon. The crunchiness of the nuts add a nice more substantial texture to the otherwise light and airy dish.

You can order a variety of crostinis with various toppings which we did.  We got these three crostinis: prosciutto, ricotta, fig, olive and walnut; shrimp, avocado, cilantro and and tomato; and the salmon, ricotta, citrus and cilantro .

My favorite was the shrimp crostini and my least favorite was the salmon one.  They were all good but nothing extraordinary.  I’d like to go back and try some other more inventive/interesting ones.

For main course, I had the trio de la mer.  It consists of three products of the sea: a seared scallop; branzino, glazed with fig & aged balsamic vinegar; and salmon glazed with apricot & orange blossom water.

The dish was interesting in that it offered you a variety of choices.  Salmon was perfectly cooked: crispy on the outside and smooth and slightly pink on the inside. Branzino was delicious however I could have done without the figs that accompany it. Scallops were good and I thought the spicy arugula and pine nuts complemented the scallop very well.

The meal and ambience is presented elegantly at Fig & Olive.  This restaurant is the place to go if you want an upscale adult feeling with great food and wine.  It works not only for dates that you want to impress but for dinners out with friends out on the town for a sexy night.

Fig & Olive — Meatpacking, 420 West 13th Street, New York, NY


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