Posted by: Hungry Korean | February 26, 2009

The Hungry Korean does Korean

Gahm Mi Oak

Last night found me having dinner with my former boss.   During Chinese New Year, she invited a bunch of colleagues to dim sum, her treat, so I thought I’d take her out and show her what Korean food was all about.  I took her to Gahm Mi Oak in K-town, NYC.

Gahm Mi Oak is known for their ox tail bone broth but they also serve up other unusual Korean fare.  My former boss has a great love for offal so this is one place I knew she’d be pleased with.

We started with the bindaedduk which are small pancakes made of ground soy bean and pork fried to a crisp on a griddle and served with soy sauce for dipping.


The next part of our meal was the modum soon dae.  It’s basically a plate of offal dipped in Korean sauces and seasonings of your choice.  On the plate was Korean version of blood sausage (my former boss remarked that it was spicier than traditional blood sausage) filled with rice noodles, pork, and other flavorings, pigs ear, pigs heart and liver, and sliced pigs feet and stomach.  I only ate the blood sausage and the pigs feet (it tastes like ham) while my former boss pretty much loved everything on the platter, especially the pigs ear. (she says it’s crunchy but not much flavor so I think it’s a textural thing)


Next came the house specialty: suhl lang tang.  Snowy white ox-bone soup with white rice, white noodles and tender slices of beef brisket.  The diner can add scallion, salt and pepper to taste.  It’s warm, it’s hearty and very comforting.   Legend has it that it cures a hangover.  Eaten with a side of the most amazing kimchee (spicy pickled cabbage) in NYC, and I was in bliss.


Great conversation, great company and great food. What more can a girl ask for?  Plus the prices are very reasonable. For all that food the bill only came to $45.

For the less adventurous diner, don’t be afraid, there are more standard fare on the menu too like the ever so popular bibimbap.

Gahm Mi Oak, 43 W. 32nd St., New York, NY


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