Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 10, 2009

More oysters and eggs


Prune restaurant was initially established as a brunch only restaurant that eventually expanded to dinner. With that said, you can only imagine how amazing the brunches are. I believe one of the largest draws to this place (in addition to the great eggs they serve up) is the fact that they have around 10 different varieties of bloody mary’s. You’ve got a bloody mary garnished with every pickled vegetable you can think of, a bloody mary spiked with a bouillon cube and served with a slice of beef jerky, a bloody mary made of fennel and white anchovy…and the list goes on. I chose the Mariner bloody mary with clam juice base, garnished with a lemon and two perfectly plump and salty green olives.


It’s not fishy at all: the clam juice actually adds the right amount saltiness and well rounded flavors you want from a good bloody mary.

For main I tried the fried oyster omelet with remoulade sauce, served with a side of hot sauce. YUMMY. This omelet has plump deep fried oysters folded under a perfectly light and fluffy egg omelet. The remoulade sauce poured over the top was delicious — it had bit of tangy relish (as any good tartar sauce should) and it was creamy. I didn’t even use the hot sauce as I felt it overpowered the delicate flavors.


Of course, brunch would never be complete for me without a side of crispy bacon.

I love the brunch at Prune but weekend waits can be excrutiatinly long. It’s a testament to how good the food is. That particular Saturday, we waited an hour and no, they do not take reservations for brunch. Do what me and my friend did, put your name down and go grab coffee somewhere nearby.

Prune, 54 East 1st Street, New York, NY



  1. how do you stay so thin? not fair!

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