Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 10, 2009

New dish at an old standby


Went to dinner at Apizz friday night with my friend Strawberry since she’s never been and I rave about this place. I frequent this restaurant because not only is it very close to where I live, but the food is consistently delicious and the service impeccable.

Something should be noted about the service here. A month ago I went with my friend Heath to catch up. We were politely asked to wait a couple minutes while a table was being cleared. That minute turned into an unknown (but long) period of time but we weren’t exactly complaining as we were catching up. A round of drinks were served to us on the house. We were finally seated and enjoyed a great meal. The most amazing (and delightfully surprising) part was when the bill came our waiter tells us that 50% was taken off the bill compliments of the house as a thank you for our patience!!!! Now that’s service. (or perhaps the recession talking??)

Back to Friday night. This time, instead of the usual gnocchi or the lasagna, I tried a meal completely untried. We shared the shrimp cooked in garlic butter and it was divine. Shrimp was perfectly cooked, had a great bite to it and was accented by the butter and garlic.

For main, I had the lump crab meat with parpadelle pasta in a red tomato sauce. This may be my new favorite dish at Apizz.


Huge chunks of sweet crabmeat are scattered in between layers of al dente parpadelle (a flat pasta variety). The tomato based sauce is tangy and garlicky. The combination was absolutely divine. It’s not as heavy as the gnocchi which is served in a red sauce with honey braised short ribs or the wild boar lasagna but it certainly satisfies that craving for a rich decadent pasta dish in red sauce. And once again, because it’s cooked in a hot brick oven, there’s that piping hot smokey element that one can’t resist.

Apizz, 217 Eldridge Street, New York, NY


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