Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 15, 2009

Soup dumplings make me happy

This Sunday I went to my favorite soup dumpling place with Scarf and Sopa, Joe’s Shanghai. It has been said that Joe’s serves up the best soup dumplings in the city and really, after you taste them, there’s no need to even try them anywhere else.

We started with an order of pork and crab/pork soup dumplings.


Each dumpling is filled with meat and a rich, luscious and deep flavored broth. You carefully place a dumpling in the spoon, nibble a tiny little hole on the top of the dumpling and suck out the piping hot broth. Once you’ve gotten every drop of that tastiness, you spoon a little soy sauce over the rest and enjoy what is probably one of the best dumplings ever. It’s so delicious!!!


We also ordered a side of pea shoots sauteed in garlic (good) and sliced jellyfish (Scarf’s surprise contribution).


It was my first time trying jellyfish and I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan. It has a very strange gelatinous but crunchy texture to it. It was perfectly dressed in some vinegar and salt like mixture, however.

We also had the Shanghai fried noodles with pork. The noodles are thick and perfectly chewy and coated in a fried brown sauce. Surprisingly the strands of pork scattered throughout the dish were also very tender. I would definitely get this dish again.


Best part about this lunch is that the prices are also Chinatown prices: cheap. For all that food, the bill came to $15 per person, or $45 total. We walked away full and satisfied customers.

Lines can be long and they do not take reservations so show up, take a number and wait for your number to be called. Once it is, they will direct you to one of several communal tables and your feast will begin. You will not be sorry.

Joe’s Shanghai, 9 Pell Street, New York, NY



  1. I’m not quite sure those dumplings in the first picture look so appetizing. Hopefully they tasted better than they looked.

  2. […] savor each one. The dumpling was filled with a foie gras juice and some chopped jicama. Similar to Joe’s Shanghai dumplings, you place a dumpling on a soup spoon, nibble a bite, suck out the broth inside and then eat the […]

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