Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 10, 2009

Was it worth the hype?

Friday was gorgeous out — not too humid, warm, breezy and sunny. Dragged a coworker to Shake Shack with me as we have summer hours on Fridays and get out at 1pm.

I have been hearing about Shake Shack and how great it is and judging from the long lines of people waiting, I had to wonder if it really was worth all the hype.  We headed over to the Madison Avenue Park location.  Lines snaked around the park.  We each ate a banana to curb the appetite.  1 and 1/2 hours later we finally make it to that little window to place our order.

Alright — before I get into the gluttony that was our meal — you have to understand, we waited almost TWO HOURS. By the time we got to the teller we were ravenous — it was 3pm!!  We were going to get everything our hearts desired.

My coworker (this boy can seriously put down) got the Chicago style hot dog, the cheeseburger and cheese fries.  Yes — he ate it all and loved every moment of it.

I got the double stack and fries.

fries and burger

Double stack is  the fried portabello mushroom stuffed with cheese AND a cheeseburger patty on a bun.  Here’s another shot pre-bite:

just burger

Looks pretty good right? Check out the innards:


Portabello mushroom was piping hot and the cheese literally oozes out with every bite.  Anything fried tastes pretty good so I can’t really complain about the mushroom patty.  The actual cheeseburger patty was better than I expected.  It was moist and juicy and full flavored.  Although I enjoyed my choice in hamburger, I really think next time I’m going to stay pure and have just the cheeseburger. I found that the fried mushroom overpowered the actual flavor of the entire hamburger.  Plus, it’s sort of hard to eat as the burger itself is quite thick.

Now let’s talk about the bun. I personally like a soft hamburger bun. The combination of the moist cheesy hamburger patty with the soft bun pretty much sold me.  Everything is fresh and delicious. I woke up Sunday craving the cheeseburger but the line deterred me.  Worth the hype? Indeed.

For dessert, being the Hungry Korean, I got the custard of the day:


It’s a watermelon tomato custard and yes it was weird. First lick and you get sweet followed by a savory and it just sort of reminded me of meat? Not so good and I did not finish.

So until next time, Shake Shack — most likely on a rainy day to avoid the lines. (AND i HATE the rain!!! :))

Shake Shack, Madison Avenue Park, New York, NY


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