Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 18, 2009

Surprisingly delicious!

I met my friend Scarf the other night for a much needed catch up dinner. Fashion week just ended in NYC (thank god) and there were parties galore. He was headed to the Philip Lim after party (swank) and i was just looking to have a nice meal (gluttonous) on a crisp fall evening — so dinner was all set.

We went to Emporio in Nolita. I had been to this restaurant for drinks but never eats. The place is very cute, cozy and rustic. Think of the most charming restaurant in Italy and this restaurant is probably what you would think of. But what was the most shocking is how good the food was!

I started with the octopus with potatoes and capers.


Could the octopus have been more tender? I couldnt believe the texture of this dish! It was so delicious. Usually I find octopus at restaurants overly cooked and tough but that was not the case here. Perfectly seasoned octopus sat on tart potatoes and capers. Delicious.

I often get food envy and well, Scarf’s appetizer rocked the night. He had the steak over a bed of arugula, parmesan and truffle vinaigrette. I mean look how visually appealing this dish looks? It could wow you just by it’s colors.

steak salad

The meat was so tender, the cheese was salty, the arugula was peppery and the truffle vinaigrette makes you feel like you did something special. How quickly can I get back to this restaurant for this appetizer?

For main, we both had the garganelli pasta with spicy sausage and pecorino cheese.


Simple sauce of olive oil, meat and cheese. My kind of sauce 🙂

Close up:

garganelli close up

Yummers. Along with several glasses of wine, we were very satisfied customers. Scarf went to his party and I skipped off into the cold brisk night.

Emporio, 231 Mott Street, New York, NY


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