Posted by: Hungry Korean | November 12, 2009

McNally continues to rule NYC restaurant life

Went to McNally’s newest (and hardest to score a seat) addition to the restaurant world – Minetta Tavern.  McNally already continues to successfully run Balthazar, Pastis, Schiller’s and Morandi here in the NYC much to the happiness of his pockets. Minetta is no failure by any means.

My friend Strawberry and I met at 6:30 (talk about early bird special!) in hopes of scoring a seat and believe it or not the dimly lit pub-style restaurant was already full with people waiting at the bar.  Lucky for us, we did not have to wait long and before we could finish our first glass of wine, we were escorted to the corner banquette seat.

The pub is very cozy and warm with black and white checkered floors, caricature drawings of people on the wall and just perfect for a cold night. I felt very comfortable and homey at the place.  It wasn’t nearly as trendy and stuffed with high heeled patrons in glamazon clothing as i thought — perhaps it was the night.

My intention was to try the king of burgers – the $26 black label burger.  But I had also heard the cote de beouf for two was also phenomenal.  Since Strawberry was going to get a steak, I thought, why not. So we started with a delicious jumbo prawn shrimp salad served with wonderful fennel and artichoke hearts. Delicious!

Then came the main event.


THREE marrow bones sit on the plate piled on top by 20 oz of dry aged cote de beouf with a side of spinach. Yes. 20 oz. We ate it all. They present the steak fully intact before taking it back to have it sliced.  When it comes back, it shines in all it’s glory.

Marrow was fatty and rich and delicious with parsely and garlic. The beef was as tender as filet but meaty and beefy like a great piece of sirloin.  It packs all the flavor without a hint of toughness.  Note to eaters: Minetta serves its steak like a steakhouse would. Medium rare (what we requested) is served what would be considered rare in other restaurants – so if you want medium rare, request to have it cooked medium.  I can’t believe how much we ate. I was stuffed to the gills. But of course we finished off dinner with the hazelnut crepes for dessert.

The meal is quite grand. It’s impressive and daunting. I have never seen a steak of that size but it was delicious. I still want to go back and try the oxtail and foie gras terrine appetizer and black label burger. Maybe i’ll try again soon – get there at 6pm.

Minetta Tavern, 113 MacDougal Street, New York, NY


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