Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 4, 2010

Kinks straightened out

I have announced my obsession with the bolognese at Dell Anima quite a few times on this blog.  Last year I went to its two story, sister restaurant, L’Artusi, and did not like it so much.  It had just opened and maybe I was quick to judge.  You can’t really tell what a restaurant will grow up to be until you give it some time to figure out the kinks: what dishes work, what don’t, to establish the staff, etc.  Well I went back to L’Artusi last night, a year later, and was very happy with my meal.

I started with the scallop crudo that I absolutely loved on my first visit. It’s essentially raw, thinly sliced scallop drizzled in olio verde and sea salt.

Once again, this dish left me wanting more. It’s just not enough! I want to eat this until I’ve fully gorged and am sick of the dish.  The scallop is so fresh, sweet and succulent. The soft texture is offset by the crunchy bits of sea salt. I just love it! So fresh and so clean!

Rue Lala had the grilled fennel and Bloom had the butter lettuce. Salad….blah…but yummy tasty salads as far as salads go 😀

We also shared the pasta of the day: homemade ravioli stuffed with homemade ricotta drizzled with a butter sauce. Shredded parmesan top the plate.

Wowsah. Butter, ricotta and cheese…need I say more? The dish is decadent and is full flavored and mellow at the same time.  Truthfully I’m glad the table shared because of the richness factor. After two, I was good.

For main courses my friends had fish dishes (one had arctic char and the other had branzino) — I decided to try the bolognese bianco over tagliatelle.  Mainly I wanted to see how it compared to the bolognese at Dell Anima.

Bianco means to cook in white wine, not red sauce.  The waitress assured me it tasted pretty much the same as the one served at Dell Anima. Eagerly I took my first bite and I was so happy to discover that it tastes JUST AS DELICIOUS!

The homemade tagliatelle was very pretty: one side was a dark dark green and the flip side was a lighter green. Sadly, the pasta was a bit too al dente for my taste but the meat sauce made up for it in more ways than one. The sauce was exactly what I was looking for: rich meaty flavor, tender and accented by the butter and wine. The cheese that melts into the sauce adds a creaminess. It’s a very robust sauce with the “warm your tummy” element baked in.  I ate it all and was so satisfied (have been craving the bolognese at Dell Anima for quite awhile now).  Happy customer!!

Will be back. It was pretty packed though so make sure to get reservations. Guess word got around.  I’m so happy to have a second option to get my bolognese fix if I can’t get into Dell Anima!

L’Artusi, 228 West 10th Street, New York, NY



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