Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 12, 2010

Meat day!!!

OMG finally my day of meat. I chose Korean BBQ. Man, if you are going to indulge, go all out right???

Korean BBQ is the bomb of all BBQ. You get sliced marinated meat grilled in front of you.

Hands down, Kang Suh has the best kalbi in Manhattan. It was incredibly tender and perfectly fatty.  Look at the beautiful marbling of fat. The marinade is a sweet garlic soy and the meat was infused to perfection.  Here’s how it works: you take a piece of that grilled goodness, add some korean daengjan (sauce of fermented soy beans, scallions and other spices), throw in some sliced scallions, a garlic clove and wrap it all up in a lettuce leave. It’s a party in your mouth! Party in your mouth!

We ordered three servings (there were four of us) and ate every last bite. For the fourth dish we decided to get spicy naengmyun.

It’s springy noodles mixed in a sauce of spicy chili paste, tossed with sliced cucumbers and an egg. The sauce is a little vinegary, a little sweet and definitely spicy. It’s awesome and it has a great chewiness not found in standard pasta. The vinegar based sauce and refreshing cucumbers nicely cut the heavy taste of the grilled meat that is left on your palate.

We left reeking of BBQ’d meat but very happy. I will have to come back sooner than later. Forgot how much I missed Korean BBQ! AND it’ll have to be on a Friday because I was disappointed to hear that the spicy marinated raw crabs that I love so much are only served Fridays…Who wants to come!!

Kang Suh, 1250 Broadway, New York, NY



  1. um….. why is it that whenever you have dinner with other people they all get cute nicknames… but when you have dinner with me it’s “there were 4 of us”… seriously…

  2. […] is for satisfied 19 03 2010 As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was very disappointed that Kang Suh only served the spicy raw crab on Fridays (I was there on a […]

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