Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 15, 2010

Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Saturday was meat day and we headed to Dell Anima for an early dinner. Rainy rainy that day. I mean non stop rain. Dell Anima is small and cozy so it felt very romantic sitting inside this beautifully quaint restaurant watching the rain come down outside the large windows. We sat at the bar.

I wanted to get the octopus I love so much but the waiter somehow convinced me into getting the veal tongue– mainly cuz I figured I should try something new and he said it was spicy and better than the octopus. There are several “meat” additions to the menu: chicken liver, veal tongue, headcheese and spicy sausage.

Not spicy. Just salty. The kale that the four tiny chewy pieces of tongue sit on (tongue should be braised and super soft – like a really well made brisket) are dressed in an anchovy aioli and topped with slivers of pickled hot peppers. No heat to the peppers and the kale tasted like caesar salad. I mean, caesar salad dressing is anchovy, egg yolk, garlic and olive oil plus cheese right? That’s what the dressing on this dish tasted like. Eh. I wish I had gotten the octopus. NOTE TO SELF: go with your initial gut impulse.

Sugar Baby had the brushetta of three.

Avocado (nice acidity from the lemons), cannelloni beans (warm and earthy) and the pesto (my least favorite – there’s something in that pesto that I don’t like. This was Sugar Baby’s favorite).

For main course, we both had the bolognese.

I’ve reviewed this dish many times in this blog before so I won’t do it again but let’s just say, next time, I’ve decided I’m going to order two orders at the start of the meal and ask them to serve it in one dish. One is just never enough for me.

Dell Anima, 38 8th Avenue, New York, NY


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