Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 26, 2010

A welcome break

After that dinner at Spotted Pig and the one at Pylos, Cookie Monster and I needed a BREAK! So Saturday we went for sushi at Gari on the Upper West Side. Many say it’s one of the best sushi places in Manhattan – up there with Masa, Nobu and Yasuda. I dunno I agree with that.

Gari is well known for it’s “inventive” sushi – with its unique sauces and creative rolls but truthfully I’m a purist when it comes to sushi. Give me fresh delicious fish sitting on a bed of perfectly cooked and seasoned rice. No frills and no bells and whistles please.

We started with the Korean style short ribs:

The sauce was sweet and garlicky like my mom’s sauce but the meat was not marinated in it long enough. Definitely quality meat since it rendered a delicious full beefy flavor and was absolutely juicy but I wished they had marinated them a bit longer. Then again, can any really compare with my mom’s real deal Korean short ribs? Probably not. No one cooks like mom.

For sushi we just got off the a la carte menu. The one sushi of note is the fattiest tuna – note the two rosey colored jewels sitting on the lower right hand corner.

They took me back to Yasuda as they melted on contact with your tongue. The baby hamachi (yellowtail) was also quite good – the flesh of the fish was incredibly flavorful.

So final verdict – Yasuda still reigns supreme. The sushi at Gari was fresh but just didn’t taste the same as Yasuda. The fish and rice are not that perfect temperature when served, it isn’t served one by one and placed in front of you with the right amount of soy already brushed on the fish and the rice does not even compare to the one at Yasuda.

But hey, one can’t go to Yasuda EVERY TIME one has a craving right? I guess I’m just spoiled….

Gari, 370 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY


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