Posted by: Hungry Korean | May 3, 2010

Summertime brunch

Kale and I had a baby shower to go to Saturday but given that the start time was 2pm, we figured we should grab some brunch outside somewhere prior to. We went to Belcourt – an ex Prune chef runs the place and the food is really good….plus there is a large outdoor seating area in the heart of East Village which means good people watching with the eats.

We picked a nice shady area (it was so HOT!) and began our brunch.

I started with the ceasar salad. (seriously very surprised with my love of salads lately!)

I love crispy baby romaine and I love when restaurants serve it with whole leaves (not chopped). I was happy to see it was not a cream based ceasar dressing but a lighter one based in oil. The croutons were nice and crunchy and the shaved parmesan added an additional salty kick to the anchovy based dressing. Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for on a hot 86 degree Saturday!

Of course, being the Hungry Korean, I needed a side of meat. So I got the lamb sausage with hot mustard. First time I had, it was in a link but this time I was surprised to see it was a patty.

The sausage was good and it was really nice with the uber spicy mustard but I honestly think they should go back to serving it in links. The casing helped to keep the sausage really juicy and I felt that the lack of casing dried up the meat a little. The patty broke down in small dried chunks when fork and knife were applied.

This is a really great place to have brunch. It’s home style cooking menu with things like homemade waffles, grilled cheese with sage and cup of tomato soup, and biscuits with gravy (that seemed to be a very popular order). Plus the prices are very reasonable.

Off to our baby shower…but guess what, there was SO MUCH food at this baby shower we sort of regretted having had lunch.

Belcourt, 84 East 4th Street, New York, NY


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