Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 1, 2010


This New York establishment has been around forever. In fact, I believe often times people confuse Gotham with Gramercy Tavern, not only for its similarities in cuisine and “classy but not stuffy” atmosphere, but because the two have managed to hold up to NewYorker’s finicky palates and fairweather dining ways over the many years. Funnily enough, Cookie Monster’s friend’s husband even made the mistake of going to Gramercy Tavern and waiting there even though he had been told Gotham.

I only managed to capture photos of my plates as I didn’t want to draw attention at a place like this.

I started with the seared foie gras with rhubarb tartare.

Foie was deliciously rich and fatty and melt in your mouth good. I know seared foie is usually accompanied by some sort of reduced fruit to bring out the sweetness in the foie and to cut the fat of the dish but I did not like that rhubarb tartare — and there was alot of it. It was way too tart and sweet for me. Luckily Cookie Monster liked it and gobbled it up.

For main, I had the halibut with the morels and ramps (ramps are only around for a little while longer so I must eat my fill!)

Sadly I couldn’t taste the ramps, I couldn’t make out the flavors of the morels (my favorite earthy mushroom) and the halibut was overcooked and therefore a bit dry and tough.  In fact, the foam that you see imparted a sour acidity to the entire sauce. boo hoo. I wasn’t that much of a fan.  The plate was good but I suppose not what I expected from Gotham. I expected perfection.

Everyone else loved what they ordered and the service there is impeccable.  You really feel like an adult dining out when you eat at an establishment like this.  I would come back – I think my halibut dish was just having an off day. 🙂

Gotham Bar & Grill, 12 East 12th Street, New York, NY


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