Posted by: Hungry Korean | June 16, 2010

Brunch indoors that feels outdoors

Saturday afternoon on our quest for brunch we stumbled upon the Park. Back in the days it was a very trendy place to go lounging at night due to its rooftop bar located upstairs and also because it was a beautiful place to eat. When you eat at the Park you feel like you are actually eating under an atrium. You feel like you are in a glass cage because the ceilings are high and made of glass which lets a considerable amount of natural sun in. There is also an adjoining garden where you are actually outside, decorated with a ton of greenery and natural wood furniture. It’s really quite a lovely place to dine and I had forgotten.

You are served banana nut bread with butter sweetened with honey upon seating.

The bread was served slightly warm and had a wonderfully nutty sweet flavor enhanced by the honey butter.

We shared the tomato mozzarella basil appetizer.

Are tomatoes in season because these tomatoes were incredibly sweet! The mozzarella was creamy and incredibly soft. Add a little bit of salt and pepper and each bite is a perfect combination.

For main I had the BLT with avocado.

Now this is what I call a BLT! Huge smokey (and plentiful) slices of bacon atop tomato, avocado, greens and mayonnaise. It was really good. Crunchy bacon offset by the creamy avocado was also a wonderful textural combination.  A BLT must have plenty of bacon to really be worth calling a sandwich and this delivered.

I was surprised how good the brunch was and how lovely the restaurant is.  Another place to add to my list of brunch places!

The Park, 118 10th Avenue, New York, NY


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