Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 7, 2010

Another reason Americans are fat

When I visited Korea, my family traveled to Jeju Island (a resort island off the peninsula of Korea) and to Pusan, the second largest city in South Korea next to Seoul. With that said, we hit the airports a couple times and during meal times. Two things you immediately note about Korean airports: they are incredibly clean (even the bathrooms are immaculate) and there aren’t many fast food joints.

The food courts at the Korean airports have some fast food but you’ll note there are more spots that serve actual Korean and Japanese meals for the same price as well!  $5-10 bucks can get you a real home cooked meal versus the fried chicken burger or hamburger and fries at the next joint.

On the trip over to Jeju I had this at the Seoul airport: buckwheat soba noodles.

Fresh, cold (and healthy) and wonderfully springy noodles accompanied with your Japanese dipping sauce with scallions. Incredibly light and tasty! Did not leave me feeling disgusting and heavy for the flight over.

My last meal in Korea before I headed back to the US  was at the Inchon Aiport. The cafe I visited served up udon and soba and other Korean fare but I opted for the easy vegetarian rice roll.

A side of miso soup rounded out this healthy meal.

If you walk through any American airport you’ll find pretzels drenched in butter, Mcdonald’s, pizza, Burger King, you name it, on every corner….if these are our options when we travel, it’s no wonder Americans are overweight.


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