Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 9, 2010

Korean fast food

So since I did this whole blog couple days ago speaking of the virtues of Korean airports and their healthy food and why Americans are fat…I’m gonna do a blog on Korean fast food.

Awhile back, I discovered this thing on someone else’s blog, blogged about it and was in an absolute frenzy over the cleverness of it. Not to mention how badly I wanted to sink my teeth into it.

The french fried covered hot dog on a stick. (the improved version of a corn dog)

This one does not look exactly like the ones in my previous blog but good enough! I found it on the streets of Seoul while shopping one day and snapped this pic. Yes! It is that good. How does one go wrong with a) food on a stick b) french fries c) hot dog and d) ALL OF THAT TOGETHER in one product! Genius. It’s not healthy, no, but if you are going “bad” go all the way I say!

The other thing I had in Korea was pizza. I missed pizza like a fat kid misses chocolate cake. So we ordered pizza one day and I was excited cuz my relatives were talking about how delicious this pizza was and how Koreans know how to make yummy pizza.

NO. no no no. This is not pizza! Let me walk you through this. The crust was made of sweet potatoes (and so icky sweet in a way) and there was no red sauce (which I guess is fine since ppl eat biancas all the time but i’m a red sauce gal).  On the left side of the pie what you see is sweet garlic mayo drizzled over the top and on the right you see BBQ sauce drizzled over shrimp….Then there’s the droplets of pesto? Olives and peppers to round it off? What? Who thought this combo would be good? No. This pizza was NOT good. Even with the melted cheese, this pizza was not good. I had one slice and decided to save up my calories for another day.

Then one day my brother and I hit up a Starbucks and in addition to the fact that they individually wrap their bananas and serve hotdogs wrapped in puff pastry, they had delicious gourmet desserts!

Hands down best brownie/cake thing I’ve ever had. Incredibly dense and delicious without being overly sweet! (see that layer of dark dense chocolate and the layer of milk then the powered bittersweet chocolate to coat?)

So two hits, one miss.


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