Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 14, 2010

Traditional Korean dessert

Koreans consume large quantities of a shaved ice dessert named patbingsu.

It’s essentially shaved ice with milk or cream and a number of toppings which can include mochi and a wide variety of freshly cut fruit. The one thing that must always be in a patbingsu is sweet red bean. Without it, it just isn’t patbingsu.

Of all the patbingsu my family consumed while in Korea, the KAL hotel in Jeju Island was by far the most beautiful and tasty.

Close up:

Absolutely stunner of a dessert and honestly probably not as unhealthy as a bowl of ice cream or cake…



  1. LOL I’ve been under the impression for a few years now that this was called “Popping Sue.” My girlfriend is korean and she’s never bothered to correct me 😛

    • haha that is really funny actually!

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