Posted by: Hungry Korean | October 6, 2010

10 Downing

This restaurant opened with a lot of fanfare in the West Village and received great reviews. I had enjoyed a great meal or two here myself.  In fact, one summer the former chef got amazing shipments of lobster and shellfish from Montauk and served it as a “clambake” for $23 on Mondays. GREAT deal and totally delicious.  Then I read that the chef up and left and truthfully I was hesitant to go back and never made any attempts to.

Friday night had me and Chicken scrambling for a place to eat. After trying two other restaurants, we decided to stop into 10 Downing. The hostess told us that although we did not have a reservation, we would be seated in 15 minutes. With such an estimate, we opted to stay and have a drink while we waited. Thirty minutes later, when we inquired about our table, she told us our table was paying its check and we were next. An hour later, still not seated, she tells me that they had two other reservations ahead of us and so it would be another thirty minutes. (WHY did you tell us 15 minutes in the first place then?)  An hour and half later, the incompetent hostess comes over to tell us, yet again, our table was paying its check and that we would be seated in another thirty. FINALLY almost two hours later we were seated. Honestly, had it not been a Friday evening, and one promise after another from the hostess that we were next, we would have moved on long ago.

We sit down and after finally getting our incredibly busy waiter’s attention, we order the marrow appetizer to split.

I kid you not, a HUGE hunking bone appears before us cut in half. It was literally a foot long and probably 3-4 inches deep!? How are we supposed to even get to the marrow at the bottom with our average sized fork and knives? Not only was the marrow difficult to eat but there was absolutely no sea salt served with it and trust me when I say, it tasted as though the kitchen literally threw the bone in the fire and served it straighaway.  The marrow tasted bland with a strange aftertaste and was possibly even under cooked but it was hard to tell because it was incredibly dark. We left 90% of it untouched.

For main course I had the scallops with brussel sprouts.

$24 got me four TINY malnutritioned overcooked sea scallops sitting on a bed of halved brussel sprouts. At this point, I’m pretty furious and the saving grace was the fact that I had enough wine to sooth my temper.

I will never come back. The service was awful. The hostess was awful. The place is too dark and too loud and the food was inedible. I’m truly sorry to leave such a bad review on my blog but it really was that bad. I cannot think of one redeeming quality of that night….oh the bartender was quite polite and nice.

10 Downing, 10 Downing Street, New York, NY


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