Posted by: Hungry Korean | October 25, 2010

Momoya – Chelsea

Saturday night, Cookie Monster and I craved a relatively healthy and light meal so we opted to get some sushi. We didn’t have ressies and didn’t want to pay the high prices of Blue Ribbon or Megu but we wanted fresh delicious sushi nonetheless. We stopped into Momoya, Chelsea location.

We sat at the bar and ordered up a ton of food.

We started with the tuna over crispy rice.

Think spicy tuna over crunchy browned rice (texture) garnished with a jalapeno slice and a mushroom ragu. It was so delicious. I could literally eat the entire plateful. Koi and Bond Street serve up a similar dish and it’s good at all three locations.

We also shared the tuna avocado salad.

Yummy and fresh. Sushi grade tuna is diced and placed under a bed of fresh creamy avocado and topped with julienned carrots and some greens. The dressing is a carrot ginger. I just realized this was two tuna dishes back to back but trust me when I say they taste very different and I would order the exact same two things on my next visit.

For main, we both ordered one specialty roll and a bunch of fresh sushi. My roll was yellowtail scallion wrapped in tuna and salmon and topped with spicy scallop. The sushi was fresh and delicious and although it was alot of food, we ate everything we ordered.

How pretty are the colors of the fresh fish? vibrant indeed and something you want in sushi. I was so very satisfied.

Momoya, 185 7th Avenue, New York, NY



  1. OMG, love Momoya. Just tried it recently but i loved the crispy rice roll. It’s really good fusion sushi, when you can’t have Yasuda!!! xo

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