Posted by: Hungry Korean | November 22, 2010

I met Bourdain in the flesh and I totally choked.

True story….

Ok let’s start from the beginning. Over the summer, Cookie Monster got me Bourdain’s new book, Medium Raw, along with two tickets to his book tour. The event took place last night all the way up in Kingston, NY at the Ulster Performing Arts Center. Apparently the Culinary Institute of America is about 20 minutes from Kingston so perhaps that was the reason for his choice in boonie location. I mean it’s far from the city (about an hour and half I think?)….but it was still a packed house. I’m obviously not the only one to love Mr. Bourdain…duh

It’s a simple auditorium and he comes out on stage and delivers a witty and hilarious synopsis of his new book. I being an avid fan of his Travel channel show, No Reservations, and already having read his book in its entirety knew almost every scene, location and situation he spoke of. I felt like some weird secret stalker because I knew so much. I mean, I could have written his monologue. At any rate, he was very entertaining and because we were seated in the first 6 rows, got to meet him after the show.

I was nervous! I didn’t have the nerve to ask him questions during the Q&A portion in front of all those people but now I had my opportunity to make him laugh or think I was “cool” with a simple, amazing question…..waiting in line with my book to get signed in hand I brainstormed…..

I wanted to ask him about that raw seal scene when he visited Quebec (watch it – it’s shocking)…it was the most horrifying thing I’d ever seen him do and wanted to ask about it but didn’t have the nerve.

It’s my turn now! FINALLY! He looks larger in real life. I’m a little scared. I actually threw my book at him because I was so nervous and I thought he was going to shake my hand but instead he reached for the book I threw down at the table. What a loser I am. haha.  But I couldn’t pass it up….the chance to talk to him…so I squeak out “Any thoughts on going back to Korea?” blah……..

He said he probably wouldn’t go back to the country itself but they were considering doing a segment on Korean food in the US because it’s becoming so popular. Then I practically ran out of there….sweating a bit.

To add to my woes – the lady took a bad blurry photo with my camera of me and Cookie Monster with him. Oh well.

BUT….that was an awesome experience. I adore him. He’s quite charismatic and funny in person. He’s taller as I mentioned. I really love Bourdain so those 5 minutes I got to meet him in person was such a thrill! Thanks, Cookie Monster!!!!



  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!! i love him too!!! also pls pls pls help…i need to take my super foodie client to lunch – where shld i take him? Last year i did momofuku. can you please suggest somewhere for lunch?

    • Ooh hands down if client is paying, likes Japanese and adventurous sushi, go to Sushi Yasuda. Ask to sit at the sushi bar and get omakase. Bonus if u can be personally sat in front of Yasuda himself since he’s leaving NYC in Jan. The sushi omakase can be adventurous or suited for the less adventurous. I had two types of uni, scallop guts, oyster, etc when I went. The sushi master will serve it to you one sushi at a time, dress it with the appropriate amount of wasabi and soy (if the fish requires it), and at the temperature the rice and fish should be served to bring out the best of it.

      It’s pricey, it’s upscale, it’s perfect.

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