Posted by: Hungry Korean | January 10, 2011

Elmo brunch

For Saturday brunch with Cowboy, we chose Elmo for several reasons: we wanted to stay in Chelsea, it needed to accommodate last minute walk ins without the hour wait and the food had to be pretty good.  Check, check and read on.

We had the truffle parmesan fries to share.

These things are amazing and addictive! Truffle butter and a light dusting of nutty parmesan cheese on deep fried potato strips? Very delicious.

I had the salmon blt.

I think the name is pretty self explanatory but just in case, this sandwich is made up of salmon, bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted sourdough bread. Pickle sliver and a side of salads round off the meal.

Close up:

I’m happy to report the salmon was incredibly moist and not overcooked, the tomato and lettuce added freshness to each bite and the bacon was cooked to a lovely crispness. Very tasty and didn’t leave me feeling overly heavy.

I did not have a taste of the others’ plates but Cowboy had the tomato soup to start with a mini grilled cheese which he really enjoyed followed by this HUGE cobb salad and Cookie Monster had the bluefin tuna sandwich which he thought was ok.

The scene is bustling at Elmo with minimal wait and the brunches come out quick. I think that is very rare to find in NYC these winter days, especially since everyone is staying or coming into the city on weekends. Who knew that NYC was such a “brunching” city? But really, it is….I don’t know many cities that love brunch as much as NY’ers do.

Elmo Restaurant and Lounge, 156 7th Avenue, New York, NY


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