Posted by: Hungry Korean | January 19, 2011

I’m in Germany

I’m in Frankfurt, to be more specific, for a week long business trip and no joke, every meal here so far has been focused on meat. Ironically, I’m on day 3 here and have not had any real German food.  First night I had Spanish tapas for dinner and although incredibly tasty, every dish we ordered was very salty and spiced heavily with paprika. The chorizo was incredibly delicious I must say. For breakfast on my second day, I had a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich and for lunch we had Italian where I consumed (in its entirety) a calzone the size of my head stuffed with cheese, ham and salami. For dinner last night, we went to a steak house called Buffalo and I had the small 250 oz ribeye with garlic bread.

I am usually one to add salt to my steaks as my boyfriend stares at me in wonderment and disgust but here the steak was perfectly seasoned and cooked a lovely medium rare. (I am really starting to believe that Germans love to heavily salt their food!)  Nice char on the outside with wonderful marbling of fat with each bite.

I’m worried about myself. Germans love their meat and they eat alot of it – and being a huge carnivore, I have a hard time saying no. Plus everything is uber salty here.  Both things are not good for the figure.  Luckily I packed cotton leggings for the flight back to the States. 🙂


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