Posted by: Hungry Korean | January 24, 2011


Bratwurst is a German sausage, yes, but did you know that it’s also commonly served “on the go” as street food as well as in restaurants? Literally, they were everywhere,  at the train station, airport, on the street.   I took a two day trip to Berlin and learned that there was a version of bratwurst unique to Berlin – the currywurst.

While visiting a historical monument, we noticed a currywurst stand right outside.

So we had to try it of course. A vendor takes a bratwurst and puts it in some contraption that essentially slices up the bratwurst into small individual bites with one swipe of the hand. He then added a VERY healthy amount of ketchup (which is sweeter in Germany, incidentally, versus the American ketchup which is more vinegary) and then added curry powder on top.

The bratwurst itself was delicious but I was not a fan of the curry powder on top. I thought the curry was going to be cooked into the sausage itself, not sprinkled on top. So first you taste the sweet ketchup, then the sausage itself and the lingering afternotes of the curry appear.  That curry flavored stayed with me the rest of the night.


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