Posted by: Hungry Korean | January 24, 2011

Traditional German food

Had a chance to have very authentic German food one night for dinner with some colleagues. We went to a popular traditional German restaurant in Frankfurt.

Apologies but I don’t know the name for some of the plates I took photos of but I still wanted to share my thoughts on the variety of the food.

German soup: I noticed during my stay there they tended to be clear beef broth either served alone or with vegetables or meatballs. This one had white meatballs.

I started with the salad. German salads are usually comprised of iceburg lettuce or mixed greens and offered with balsamic or yogurt dressing.  Trust me, I had a salad everytime I could get my hands on one as salad didn’t appear often on the menus in Frankfurt and the food tended to be very meat heavy and salty.  The vegetables were almost always pickled or marinated in a yogurt sauce lending the salad a sour flavor profile. I guess this is the flavor German’s enjoy most in their salads? I mean I suppose this is the land of saukerkraut.

The main courses: one colleague had this pretty tasty dish that consisted of a minced beef patty (similar to a hamburger) topped with soft onions, gravy and a fried egg. It was good since I do love hamburgers.

The potatoes were delicious. They were crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Lots of butter used there too.

While my other colleagues had wienerschnitzel (flat pounded meat that is breaded then fried), steaks or bratwurst, one colleague had the most interesting dish on the table: minced meat and gelatin loaf topped with chopped onions and he smothered it later with some mayonnaise aioli.  I asked around and not many Germans themselves enjoy this dish.

Sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to try it but definitely an interesting dish.

I had the bratwurst with mashed pototoes and sauerkraut.

This was delicious. Sausage was slightly charred from the grill and with a little bit of mustard and sauerkraut to cut the heaviness of the meat, it was very good. The potatoes were very buttery and although incredibly heavy, quite tasty. Butter makes it all better!  I left most of my sauerkraut since a little went a long way for me but my German colleagues ate most of theirs. I guess it is truly loved and not just a side or condiment.

I thought the meal was tasty and definitely comforting but I couldn’t eat this all the time. It’s very rich and very heavy. I’m glad I got to try it though.



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