Posted by: Hungry Korean | January 24, 2011


As I previously mentioned, I took a two day trip to visit Berlin at the end of the week (my company’s German subsidiary is located in Frankfurt, the financial hub, and there wasn’t much to see history wise).  I heard Berlin was diverse with a rich culture, international diversity, great nightlife and the city where you could really see Germany’s history still standing. (after WWII, alot of historic Germany was destroyed)

We arrived late morning Friday and after hitting a couple spots, it was time for a late lunch. Vapiano is fast food Italian that isn’t so fast food. Let me explain: you get a card as you walk in and then get in line at a station after you’ve picked your choice off the paper menu cards.

There you submit your order of the type of pasta (tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc) plus whatever sauce (bolognese, arriabatta, etc)  you choose.  There are specials of the day as well as other smaller antipasta options.  Once someone behind the counter takes your order, they will place the price on your card and then literally cook it in front of you and serve it up. You see “fast food” but not mass produced like Mcd’s or similar variety.

I don’t know if all Vapiano restos, which is a chain in Europe apparently, typically have such nice interior decor but the one in Berlin had a lovely rustic feel to it with attention to detail.

Being deprived of all things green, I ordered a small side salad with the garlic dressing.

Mixed greens with cherry tomatoes and sliced carrots. The lady added a TON of that garlic dressing (which again had undercurrent of that sour taste German’s seem to love) and totally defeated the purpose of having a salad at all. I was looking for freshness and she ruined it for me.

For main, I had the bolognese stuffed raviolis with a tomato cream sauce.

Raviolis was pretty good for a fast food joint. There were some ravioli that were more dry on the edges than others but the flavors were full and the cream sauce had a nice tang to contrast against the meat filling.  Was pretty decent.


After we finished up, I realized that someone had taken my tray where my meal card was left. Beware: there is a sign when you enter that states should you lose the card, you will be charged 50 euros automatically. I of course missed that not being able to read and understand German.  So unless you plan on eating 50 euros worth, the card is not something you want to lose. Lucky for me a manager was nice enough to recalculate my meal separately.

Vapiano, Europe



  1. Vaipano is the place near Potsdamer Platz? I ate there too… not bad. I ate mostly foreign food in Berlin, very little German cuisine. How was it in winter? I was there in Feb. and it was ridiculously cold & gray!

    • Yes it is the one near Postdamer Platz! haha.

      You know funnily enough we too ate mainly foreign food. I had Tapas, French, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Korean and only had German food ONCE while I was there the entire week.

      Oh and it was FREEZING> We stopped into Vapiano because we could not feel our extremities!

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