Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 8, 2011

5 Napkin Burger

Cookie Monster has been talking about this burger joint for awhile now. Every time we pass it in a cab, he makes a comment “We should go there.”  Finally we did. After a long workout at the gym, we decided to counteract our efforts of being healthy by hitting up this burger joint for lunch (haha).

I picked up the “Original” 5 Napkin Burger: 10 oz of fresh ground chuck, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, rosemary aioli on a soft white roll.  It came with fries.  I figured, if it’s the “original” it’s probably the best burger right?

Cookie Monster confessed he was considering the tuna burger but not to be outdone by the Hungry Korean, he got the same. The fries came out piping hot and just the way I like them: thin, crunchy and salty. They were delicious. Big fan. The hamburger patty had a nice char and the meat was full of juicy beefy flavor.  The caramalized onions lent a sweetness while the melted gruyere added a salty nuttiness. Sounds perfect right? Sadly, I have to say the aioli ruined it all. Look at the overly generous heaping of aioli on top of the onions.  It was salty and I couldn’t make out any rosemary – in fact it tasted like garlic aioli. It rendered the entire burger way too heavy, way greasy and way salty. It overpowered everything. :c

Close up:

No joke – I can see why this is the namesake burger because you definitely needed about 5 napkins or so to swab up the grease and mayonnaise on your hands. Next time, I will get the “bacon and cheddar” burger because I did like the taste of the burger at 5 Napkin but it really needed the freshness of  tomato or lettuce which is what the bacon and cheddar burger comes with (and a lil bacon never hurt anything).

5 Napkin Burger, 630 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY



  1. […] first visit to 5 Napkin Burger was subpar due to the heavily aioli drenched burger. (Read review here)  However, I did mention that because I liked the quality and flavor of the charred beef patty, I […]

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