Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 11, 2011

Blue Print Cleanse – Sweep sweep sweep

If you have been following my blog the past couple years, you know my life revolves around food.  I live to eat, not eat to live.  With that said, my body needs a break every now and again to purge itself of all the toxins and the heavy lifting I make my body do with the foie gras, scotch, hamburgers, wine, chicken liver crostini’s, pizza…you name it.  Sometimes spending time at the gym just doesn’t seem to alleviate me of my “heavy, disgusting” feeling. My answer for those times of dire need: juice cleanses.

I’ve been doing juice cleanses for several years now. I know there are those that don’t believe juice cleanses do anything but that’s fine – you are entitled to your opinions. For me, I endure the torture and self-imposed agony because I believe it works and I emerge feeling invigorated and like new.  I do a cleanse at least twice a year – at the change of seasons (e.g. a cleanse at spring to summer and fall to winter).  But cleanses are also great after the holidays or after any other time of overindulgence.

One thing I never did was blog about my cleansing experiences. But today I thought, since this is a blog about “all things food” and the juice cleanses I do is food, only in liquid form, or a break from food, why not share with those that are interested? So here we go:

I do the Blue Print Cleanse. (  I like that they deliver juices in 6 convenient bottles that need to be drunk throughout the day. The juices are all organic and freshly pressed.  You can order only 3 days at a time because the idea is the enzymes in the freshly pressed juices, and which are vital to your body, start to deteriorate as the days go on. If you want to extend your cleanse, you reorder for delivery after day 3.

There are various levels of cleansing you can do and each bottle contains either fruit or vegetable juice. I’m not going to get into the juices or the differences in levels here – you can go to the website for that. I am doing Level 2 – tailored for those that don’t eat all that well but try to be healthy now and again and supplement with visits to the gym.

I’m in the middle of day 1 now and will post about my first day experience tomorrow morning.

Currently feeling a little hazy and my stomach is definitely grumbling but aside from that, I’m doing ok. Check back tomorrow for the full report.



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