Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 12, 2011

Blue Print Cleanse – Day 1

Day 1 of BPC:

I started the day off normal, only instead of coffee, I had Bottle 1. It’s a green drink and it’s really not so bad in my opinion.  I felt excited about the next couple days and felt motivated to stick to the regiment.  I am not a breakfast person so I typically don’t get hungry till about 11 or lunchtime so the morning went by without a hitch.

It’s when lunchtime came and went and I was on drink 2 and 3 that I start to feel a little foggy headed. My stomach is starting to grumble and my initial intentions of heading to the gym are out the door….I just feel too out of it and had terrible visions of myself collapsing on the treadmill.

As late afternoon hits, the green drinks get more potent but are luckily interspersed with tasty fruit juices.  The fogginess doesn’t go away and it’s now met with a bit of sluggishness. Thank goodness no headaches.  These are all signs of my body detoxing so I just trudge right through.  Luckily, I’m not really craving food all that bad. Word to the wise, my first time ever on a juice cleanse I craved food like crazy the first day or two. Guess as a veteran of juice cleanses the cravings just aren’t as strong?

I had a meeting at 7pm so I rush to the Flatiron district (my exercise afterall) and I’m slightly snappy and not totally there during the meeting. haha (oh well – they were forewarned).   Dinner falls and my fiancee is eating his Thai dumplings and Pad See Ew next to me and although, unbeknownst to him, I’m watching him put every single bite in his mouth, I am not dying to lunge at his food.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to eat dinner but I was able to fight it.

I went to bed tired but alert (probably from hunger). The night was restless.  I slept hard but woke up often.  Every time I woke up to use the bathroom, I was incredibly out of it and felt a headrush each time. Thank goodness Day 1, the hardest day, was over.

Tomorrow: Day 2


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