Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 14, 2011

Blue Print Cleanse – Day 3

Day 3 of the BPC:

Woke up foggy and feeling sort of out of body.  You feel a surge of energy when you down that first drink.  I am not hungry at all today and I am much more clear headed than on days one and two. My cravings for food are still there but I’m filling my stomach with tea and water when I’m not taking in the juices.  I have to say around 4pm I did start to feel a little tired and a dull headache but after another 45 minute session on the precore machine I was feeling great again.  I’ve noticed the past couple days my teeth feel a little “hairy” and there is a coating on my tongue – more symptoms of detox.

So for days 4 and 5, I will be doing a juice cleanse during the day and raw foods for dinner.  I believe that ingesting just raw vegetables and fruits are good for cleansing and detoxing as well since the body can easily digest them, they are in pure form, and they are full of fiber. I got my juice delivery for the next two days and I really feel like the next two days shouldn’t be that hard. Strangely, once you get over the hump of days 1-3, your body goes into a totally different mode. You feel more alert, more energized and definitely cleaner inside and out.  The fact that I got past the hardest days really motivates me to make the torture worthwhile and to get the best I can out of this cleanse. I won’t go past 5 days however as the weight loss would probably be too rapid for me and I’m not sure not eating all day is that healthy past 5 days.

I went to bed sort of wired last night but when I finally fell asleep, I again slept hard but woke up often.  Here is one recurring pattern at bedtime I noticed:  every night I have been on this cleanse I have had vivid dreams. Like incredibly vivid.  It is my full bladder that wakes me up several times throughout the night (I mean you are drinking liquids ALL DAY), but I would wake up disoriented as the sleep is so deep and I’m being startled out of these lifelike R.E.M. dreams. It’s been entertaining at night I suppose since I don’t usually get such technicolor dreams.

Two more days and I feel like they won’t be so bad.  On a side note, I am still using the bathroom which really shocks and scares me. How much leftover material do I have in me!? Well at least I know the cleanse is doing what it’s supposed to do!

Tomorrow Day 4.


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