Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 18, 2011

Blue Print Cleanse – Day 5

Day 5 (and last day) of the BPC:

Day 5 was definitely the easiest day of all days. My stomach has now fallen asleep for the most part and I no longer have strong hunger pangs or cravings. It’s like my body just sort of forgot about food in general having gone without it for so long. Day 5 is also heightened by feelings of victory for having stuck it out.  Typically, when I’m closing out a cleanse, I always start to ask myself if I should go longer.  I mean, I got this far, got through the hardest days, should I keep going so that I can clean myself out as much as possible?  I am still using the bathroom and I have a ton of canker sores in my mouth (another symptom of detox) so clearly my body still has toxins to release and is continuing to do so.

But I just felt over the cleanse. I wanted to rejoin society and go out to dinner with friends and meet people for drinks.   Carrying around those heavy juices during the day just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.  So Friday night I had dinner and some wine.  I was officially back.

So how do I feel:  I feel cleaner and healthier.  My body feels great and I don’t know if it’s all “mental”, but I really do feel detoxed and lighter.  My stomach is definitely flatter and my skinniest jeans fit great!  I lost any extra winter weight I wanted to lose thanks to the low calorie juice diet plus my working out at the gym so the BPC helped me kick start my healthy summer routine.  All in all, this cleanse was a success but I’m grateful I won’t have to do it until the fall or post-holidays.  So back to regular program scheduling!


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