Posted by: Hungry Korean | May 2, 2011

Pier 9 – brunch

I said I’d come back for the boozy brunch deal and that I did. Gathered up Cookie Monster, Chicken and Cowboy to join me and Irish Lassie for a beautiful day sitting outside sipping cocktails. (Irish Lassie is in town visiting from London and boozy brunch is always more fun in groups)

With the first round on our table, we ordered up some grub. Since the menu is seafood inspired, Chicken, Irish Lassie and I all got the 6 oysters for $17. You have a a choice of east or west and I got the larger, creamier west coast oysters.

Fresh, briny and delicious they are served up with two versions sauces, some halved cherry tomatoes for garnish and caper berries. It really hit the spot and whet the appetite.

The owners of Pier 9 also own 9 Restaurant which Cookie Monster and I had hit up the previous night. At 9 Restaurant, we were obsessed with the delicious mini sliders. Figuring that the burgers at Pier 9 would be similar, I chose to get the “Pier 9 Burger” which is ground brisket meat, peekytoe crab and tartare sauce. It’s served with a side of their twice fried fries.

The peekytoe crab added a unique exotic element to the burger and made it more decadent. The tartare sauce brought a creaminess to the burger and again the burger was juicy and beefy. Yummy. Innards:

Now you can’t tell me that doesn’t look delicious!

The brunch was a success. Everyone loved their food and remarked they would definitely come back. I am very happy this delicious seafood option is located steps away from my home.

You need to check out Pier 9 when you can, at least for the $20 all you can drink brunch for 90 minutes! It’s a deal!

Pier 9 Restaurant, 802 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY


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