Posted by: Hungry Korean | July 6, 2011

Homemade pasta

This past fourth of July weekend, Half Hopi and Spiderman were kind enough to open their weekend home to us.  Although it was a very rainy Sunday when we arrived, it worked out perfectly because the four of us got to do what we all love best: cook, eat and drink copious amounts of wine.

Cookie Monster and I were in for a special treat. Spiderman was making us homemade pasta!  He and Half Hopi have told us over dinners past about the amazing homemade pastas he’s made and how wonderfully they’ve come out. We love Italian and we love the bite of a homemade pasta so were quite eager to get started on dinner.

Spoiling us rotten, they also bought two filet mignons and two sirloins for us to grill. Being the meat queen, and because I really know how to prepare and grill a mean steak, I was in charge of that. Behold:

Meat was perfectly seasoned with a nice caramelized char on it.  When you cut into it, it was a perfect medium rare.  We ate half the steaks and made steak sandwiches for lunch the next day! We also grilled some white peaches (for dessert) and corn.  But enough about the meat…let’s move onto the highlight of this blog: the pasta.

Spiderman made a lovely homemade pesto (basil, pine nuts, EVOO, garlic, cheese blended together) for the fettucine:

Wow the pasta was so tender. The pesto had a fragrant herbaciousness due to the basil only cut by the sharp cheese and flecks of garlic.  This was so wonderful because literally everything was freshly made. Even the basil came from their herb garden just outside.  Close up:

For the bucatini (spaghetti like noodles with a hollow center), Half Hopi made an amazing amatriciana sauce.  She roasted sweet vidalia onions, cherry tomatoes and garlic and blended it together with some pecorino cheese and added the crispy guanciale to create this wonderfully bold sauce.

The flavors were robust – you got the meatiness from the guanciale and a bright sweetness from the roasted tomatoes and vidalia onions. The sauce was incredible. I was spooning the amatriciana sauce onto the fettucine and creating my own strange hybrid of pesto and amatriciana sauce and it was delicious! Close up:

I have to be honest – the sauces were both great and would have made dried pasta amazing and a pleasure to eat, but when you have the bite and tenderness of homemade pasta in the mix, it really does take that bowl of pasta up several notches.

By the end  of our stay, Cookie Monster and I had received a private tutorial from Spiderman on how to make pasta. We are going to get our own pasta machine for our apt! 🙂


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