Posted by: Hungry Korean | August 1, 2011


Artichoke is a NYC pizzeria chain that opened a couple of years ago and was instantly a hit.  I believe the first one opened in the east village and due to the popularity a couple more spots opened up in the city. People swear by this pizza as being one of the best and most delicious.  It’s not a sit down restaurant type of pizzeria like John’s or Otto but the place to go when you want gourmet pizza on the run.  I have wanted to grab myself a slice but the fact that the lines are always so long have stopped me. Saturday while running errands, I accidentally skipped lunch and while down in Greenwich Village noticed an Artichoke with no line at all. (It was 3:30pm so that was probably why)

I stopped in for some lunch and picked myself up the margherita slice:

DELICIOUS!  It had the perfect amount of sauce versus crust.  The crust was crunchy at the edges and chewy where it should be. There was the right amount of melted cheese and a good speckling of basil. It honestly was a very tasty margherita. I do believe it was cuz I really found the red sauce quite tasty. The red sauce (and the proper ratio to cheese) on a pizza can make a slice in my book.

Close up (doesn’t it make you hungry?):

Cookie Monster got the artichoke slice – its namesake and most famous slice.

This slice was addictive but not my favorite.  Cookie Monster got it because he thought he was getting a white slice.  In all honesty, it tasted like canned cream of broccoli topped with melted cheese and sliced canned artichokes. Seriously. It was a bit much and a bite took you a long way because it was uber heavy.  I don’t really get why this is so popular?

Here’s a close up:

All in all, at 3:30pm there weren’t a ton of selections available so I can’t really speak to the other varieties, but I would definitely come back for another margherita slice.

Artichoke, NYC area


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