Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 21, 2011

Crab House

While visiting the tourist heavy Fisherman’s Wharf area in San Fran, we stopped into Crab House for lunch. On the way to our table, this family was chowing down on some dungenesss crab and the smell of buttered garlic was intoxicating. Right then and there, I knew we had to have the crab. I mean the place is called Crab House!

Being so close to the ocean, seafood was the name of the game. So I started with the steamed clams – little did I know they are steamed in very garlicky and salty broth: (size small was pretty huge!)

Small and sweet briny treasures! Since this was the first dish to come out, I enjoyed it very much and thought that the broth was super good – salty and garlicky with a touch of the ocean. Check out that large portion of heavily buttered and toasted crusty bread.

Cookie Monster, opting to go the healthy route, got the garlic fries with grated parmesan cheese:

At this point, I was kinda full and could have walked away but we had already put in an order of crab for two.

It arrived sizzling and super hot:

It’s crab in TONS of butter, garlic and bay seasoning. Actually very similar to the broth the clams came in so this whole meal started to taste very one note for me. I felt the bay seasoning overwhelmed the inherent sweetness of the crab meat. But it wasn’t cheap and we did our best to eat most of it. It’s a messy endeavor and getting the meat out of the claws take determination.  Luckily the claw meat was less touched by the garlic salty butter sauce and you were able to enjoy the true flavors of crab more.  When we were done with the meal – we felt gross. There was too much butter, too much garlic and too much salt in that meal. Sigh. What is wrong with us? lol.

Crab House, Pier 39, San Francisco


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