Posted by: Hungry Korean | September 28, 2011

ABC Kitchen

I’ve eaten at ABC Kitchen before and blogged about my first visit here.  I’ve eaten there several more times but given that I had ordered similar items, I didn’t feel the need to reblog about it. However, when I went to meet Flea for drinks and nibbles last night at ABC Kitchen – I had more than a “nibble” and they were all new selections.

Similar to the last time we met at ABC, we sat at the bar and ate there.  We arrived around 7:30pm and the restaurant was fully committed (as usual) but the bar wasn’t too crowded. FYI they do have high top tables that are reserved for walk ins.  We put our name down for the high tables and got a drink but when seats opened up at the bar, we decided just to dine there.

ABC Kitchen is farm to table and organic.  It also has alot of vegetarian and vegan varieties on the menu.  Flea being vegan loves this place since there are so many choices AND the food is absolutely delicious.  She got the same thing she ordered last time: the roasted carrot and avocado salad.

I wanted a whole slew of things but settled on three. I started with the raw scallop appetizer with diced market chilies, anise hyssop and lime:

I mean, can the presentation get any prettier? (and let me tell you, this restaurant being affiliated with ABC Carpet and Home has some of the most amazing plateware ever) I don’t believe that shell is real but a plate shaped like a scallop shell lined with mother of pearl. Gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat…but I did. Sliced thin, the scallops were fresh and sweet with nice crunch from the diced peppers. The ingredients were simple and the scallop was allowed to shine. At $16, this is not alot for the hungry but it was delicious.

Since I’ve had the crab meat toast several times before, I opted for something new: chicken liver toast.

Yes, chicken liver is not the most aesthetically pleaseing of foods but if done properly, I love it. I love the mildly livery, creaminess of it.  I had read that ABC kitchen makes a mean chicken liver and this was quite good – but Spotted Pig still makes the best in the city IMHO.  Little fried sage leaves decorated each slice.

And then to compensate for eating such a decadent mid course, I got the shaved raw summer squash salad with parmesan dressing and herbs.

I loved it. The squash was very tender and the dressing added acidity with a nice nuttiness due to the parmesan. It was light and a perfect end to my meal.

I love eating a bunch of appetizers sometimes because you really get to taste a lot of different things and your tongue never gets bored.  ABC Kitchen once again wowed us with the delicious use of fresh ingredients.  GREAT date spot – it’s absolutely lovely in there. If you haven’t tried this place and want to get a reservation, make sure you call about a month in advance to get prime seating. Otherwise, do what I do and walk in and eat at the bar or put your name down for one of the high top tables located in the front.

ABC Kitchen, 35 East 18th Street, New York, NY


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