Posted by: Hungry Korean | October 3, 2011

Meatball Madness

Food Network descended up New York City last Thursday, September 29.  I was lucky enough to nab two tickets to the “Meatball Madness” event hosted by Giada De Laurentis.  Cookie Monster loves anything meatballs and he also loves himself some Giada so I thought he would really enjoy attending this amazing event.  (I was right, he was super excited)  It was hosted on the 2nd floor of this building located on Mercer street and sponsored by Pelligrino.

Shots of Giada – not the greatest but there was constantly a large crowd around her and very difficult to get close enough:



She’s very pretty and not as short as I would have thought in real life.

The space was HUGE. Three separate rooms were filled with over 30+ restaurants making their version of a meatball and one special accompaniment.  Plus there were various wine vendors pouring different types of wine. We were in heaven! Given that there were so many meatballs, I didn’t take photos of each one but did want to share about our general experience on this blog.

We got early  entrance of 6:30pm (the event is from 7-10pm) and were able to try a number of meatballs before the crowds surged in and the true madness began.

Plan of attack: we get one meatball and split it. With over 30 vendors, there was no way we were going to be able to eat one full meatball each from every table there. If we split one, we could try a larger variety. Some restaurants and chefs there were: Little Owl, Meatball Shop (this year’s winners), Donatella Arpaia’s Mia Dona (last year’s winner), A Voce, Le Cirque, Salumeria Rosi, Osteria Morini, Lidia Bastianach’s Felidia, Harold Dieterle’s Kin Shop and the list goes on…there were alot of famous and big name chefs there hawking their own tables.

Chef Michael Psilakis prepping his meatballs for Anthos Restaurant:

Somehow in two hours, we managed to try every meatball there minus one or two and we were stuffed – beyond stuffed. Our insides were made of ground beef. haha. My favorite was Little Owl’s and the meatball that won this year’s Judges’ Choice.  The bread had a nice parmesan crunch and the sauce was amazing.

Very delicious. After trying all the others, I wanted to go back for seconds but they were cleaned out! The table was cleaning up when we got there :c. I definitely have to go to Little Owl just to get these famous meatball sliders again. They were worth ALL the hype and then some.

Cookie Monster’s favorite was Kin Shop’s. It was a goat meatball with a Thai curry sauce on it. It was our vote for the most interesting. Fred’s from Barney’s New York served their meatball with an amazing ricotta gnocchi and I forget which restaurant served it, but there was also an amazing rabbit meatball served at the event.  Meatball Shop served theirs on a butter biscuit (southern style) with a white gravy – reminded me very much of chicken fried steak. Ed’s Lobster Shack served a lobster meatball that, unfortunately, was very fishy and not very good while A Voce served a chocolate meatball and Giada served a fried cheese ball drizzled with honey.  The point is, the event allowed us to try so many different kinds of meatballs and  the restaurants were so creative!

Shot of the crowds:

I even got to take photos with two of my favorite celebrity chefs! (I know the blurred out face is a little creepy, eh? But I gotta keep my anonymity)

Michael White:

and Chef Michael Psilakis (just cuz I think he’s hot):

Cookie Monster and I are not ones to get star struck with movie celebrities – but celebrity chefs definitely get us excited.

If you can get tickets next year, definitely do it. It was totally worth it and so much fun!


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