Posted by: Hungry Korean | November 18, 2011


The wait for brunch at Peels was a whopping hour to hour and half Saturday!  So Chicken and I walked towards Soho in hopes of finding some random spot to eat and catch up. We were walking by Delicatessen when I was reminded about how delicious their cheeseburger spring rolls were….no wait? We sat right down.

We decided to get a bunch of appetizers to share.

Of course the cheeseburger spring rolls!

Basically it’s ground beef and cheese wrapped up and deep fried. Nothing crazy but all the ingredients for yum – at least for Hungry Korean (deep fried, ground meat and cheese)! There’s a mustard based dipping sauce and a ketchup one. Little cornichons round out the mini medley. Here’s an interior shot:
We also got the chicken lettuce wraps (ask for the lettuce on the side so they don’t wilt from the heat and salt of the chicken mixture):
The ground chicken is cooked in asian flavored spices with a generous smattering of plum sauce to line your lettuce with. So the way you build it is 1) take a lettuce piece 2) line it with a bit of plum sauce 3) fill it with ground chicken (I added the pickled shredded radish for some acid) and then 4) eat like a taco! Flavor explosion with a satisfying crunch from the lettuce!
We also got the fried fish taco with the salsa verde on the side cuz it contained cilantro:
Nothing special.  Dried out pieces of battered and fried fish smacked onto some flour tortilla with lettuce. I only had one and let Chicken eat two.
We also got the truffled spinach and artichoke dip:
If you are looking for that thick, cheesy spinach and artichoke dip that is so rich you feel guilty with every sinful bite….don’t get this. It’s nothing like what I just described. The spinach and artichoke mixture was very runny and you couldn’t taste the truffle essence at all.  Then the cheese on top hardened and now you had tough melted cheese with runny artichoke spinach mixture on a chip? No thank you. Two bites was enough (one to try and two to make sure it was as bad as I thought it was).
What was delicious was the truffle and parmesan fries:
So I really can’t speak for the rest of the food. The three times (counting this visit) I’ve been to Delicatessen, I’ve always gotten the cheeseburger spring rolls. They are addictively delicious.  I suppose next time I come here, I would also order the fries and chicken lettuce wraps too and make that my entire meal. It is what it is – an easy place to stop where there is something for everyone. Think of it as a chichi Soho glorified diner (hence its name) for a higher price point with a bit of a scene.
Delicatessen, 54 Prince Street, New York, NY 10002

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