Posted by: Hungry Korean | December 2, 2011

Cafe Cluny

Happened to be in the West Village Wednesday night and stopped into Cafe Cluny in the West Village for a late-ish dinner.  Cookie Monster likes this restaurant alot and I’ve never had the opportunity to eat there since it’s always full when we try to dine so this was my chance.

I started with the Long Island fluke sashimi with heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, herb salad and lemon verbena sorbet:

The fluke was sliced thin and fresh. That lemon verbena sorbet was sweet and interesting – I’ve never had sorbet with my sashimi before. I didn’t LOVE it but I did try a couple bites with it and I did feel it took away from the delicate flavors of the fluke. But it was a refreshing sorbet. I really liked the herb salad – it was herbacious with a nice simple vinaigrette dressing.

For main course, I opted for the grilled Eden brook trout with brussel sprouts, radish and bacon salad, onion rings and mustard aioli:

I dipped right into the onion rings and didn’t stop until they were all gone. Light as air with a very very pleasant crispiness I couldn’t get enough of.  I didn’t really like the trout though but it’s because of my preferences: I don’t like my fish doused in herbs.  The trout was well cooked, well seasoned and incredibly moist with a nice crispy skin but the inside of the fish was so heavily stuffed with herbs that’s all I could taste. Rosemary is quite strong and a little goes a long way for me. I felt all the herbs just sort of masked the fish flavor and made me feel put off.

Cookie Monster got the pan roasted organic Scottish Salmon with turnips, butternut squash, mushrooms and faro in a mustard butter sauce:

This was more up my alley. You could really taste that alot of butter was used in this dish but it only enhanced the butteriness of the salmon. I loved the faro which also picked up the butter sauce and made it even more decadent although faro is considered more of a healthy grain. This was well executed.

For dessert we got caramelized banana trifle with vanilla wafer pudding:

It was like banana cream pie in individual portions! Custard, whipped cream and caramelized bananas.

I thought the meal was pretty good aside from my main course but again, it’s due to my preference of not having too many herbs cooked with my fish. Everything was cooked to perfection.

I’ll come back again but definitely want to try brunch – heard that’s where it’s at!

Cafe Cluny, 284 West 12th Street, New York, NY


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