Posted by: Hungry Korean | December 12, 2011


I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately. Been tied up with more pressing personal matters, plus I’ve been in a blogging funk and feeling lazy.  For example, I hit Koi this weekend and just didn’t feel like taking pictures….sorry. Maybe I’ll pull out of it soon.

Went to Giorgione with Chicken before Bottomless Pit’s annual Christmas pub crawl a week or so ago.   Hadn’t been there in awhile and I chose the restaurant for its convenient proximity to the pub crawl.

We both got the beef carpaccio which had chopped celery and parmesan sprinkled over the top.

It was good (the beef was sliced thin and didn’t have any off putting flavors) but nothing special. I missed the peppery arugula salad that often accompanies beef carpaccio or even a drizzle of truffle oil. It seemed to miss something.

For main course, I got a Giorgione pizza. They are well known for their pizza’s as they are cooked in a brick oven and come with that crispy crunchy crust. I got the Capricciosa pizza with ham, mushrooms, fresh artichoke hearts, tomato and mozzarella.

I loved the texture of the pizza. It was chewy towards the center and crispy at the edges but overall thin. It was perfect. Melted mozz was enhanced by the salty ham and I liked the mellow earthy bites of artichoke and mushroom. I often get this pizza when it’s offered…it’s quite tasty and not overly salty but you get a little bit of everything.

Giorgione is good for an easy meal in my opinion. It has a little something for everyone: from raw bar to pizzas to pastas and protein dishes.  It’s a bit out of the way on the outskirts of west side Soho but the food has been good (however not amazing) the past couple times I’ve visited.

Giorgione, 307 Spring Street, New York, NY


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