Posted by: Hungry Korean | December 15, 2011


Last Thursday, Chicken and I were running around all of Midtown East after a personal appointment trying to find a place to give us a darn table so we could eat! We must have hit 5-6 spots before I remembered Artisanal in Murray Hill.  While we were in a cab en route downtown, I made a quick reservation for 9pm on open table and we were set. As two humongous cheese lovers, we were excited to eat at Artisanal again.  It had been awhile for either of us.. It was a good thing I made those quick ressies cuz place was packed.

We ordered some proscuitto and cheese to start:

For main course, Chicken got the amazing hanger steak with fries: (I was so jealous)

The steak was cooked a juicy medium rare and perfectly seasoned! It had a wonderful garlic butter drizzle over the top.  Those fries were exactly what you expect from a top rated French restaurant: double fried with a wonderful crunch on the outside. Delicious!

I got the braised brisket in a very deep, rich red wine reduction sauce:

The brisket was cooked till it was fork tender – so tender it had the consistency of short ribs.  That red wine sauce was deep and very robust but I found it a bit overwhelming. It masked the flavors of the brisket and all you tasted was sauce.  Don’t get me wrong, this dish was very well done but just not the way I like to eat my brisket :). I like to taste my meat.  All in all the preparation (mostly the sauce) felt was very classic French.

Here’s a shot of the brisket after my fork attacked it (see how soft and fall apart it is?):

If you haven’t been to Artisanal yet, you should. They have an extensive selection of cheese and wines and if French food is up your alley, you need to visit. The location of Murray Hill is a bit awkward but after a meal here, you will probably be too full to go anywhere after except home haha.

Artisanal, 2 Park Avenue, New York, NY



  1. that garlic butter drizzle looks pretty dang tasty…

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