Posted by: Hungry Korean | February 23, 2012

P.F. Changs

I know that PF Changs doesn’t really have a spot on this blog.  I doubt people come to this blog looking for a review on chain restaurants located typically in a mall somewhere in suburbia….but I did eat there Monday while in Westchester and I did enjoy it.  haha

We shared the pork fried dumplings:

Really enjoyed these – they went down easy. The pork was moist and full of flavor.  The soy dipping sauce had hints of sweetness in it that complemented the salty dumplings well. I threw a ton of red hot pepper sauce on my dumpling for a burst of spice and acid.

Cookie Monster got the chicken moo shu with a side of spicy string beans.

Again very flavorful. The cabbage wasn’t over cooked and there was just enough brown sauce to glaze everything but not be the prominent taste in each bite.

Stringe beans could have been spicier in my opinion and not exactly your healthiest version but these too were full of flavor.

I ordered the salt and pepper shrimp with fried black beans and what tasted like a wasabi cream dipping sauce.

These were surprisingly delicious! Not too much batter on the shrimp (which in my opinion can ruin anything that is fried).  The batter was actually light, crispy and not greasy at all. The shrimp were plump and not overcooked. I ate the entire thing. I was impressed – I actually was not expecting this to be this good.

PF Changs lists their calories on the menu and believe it or not, we both chose our respective dishes because of their lower calorie count.  (Low as in 590 calories per dish)  Definitely not healthy eating but it totally hit the craving we had for Chinese. I would eat here again in a heartbeat – add that to my list of “unhealthy and junk food cravings” of the Hungry Korean.

P.F. Changs, nationwide




  1. I ate here every day while working in San Diego because it was RIGHT next to my hotel. I think I tried everything on the menu, and the best item is the eggplant dish. It’s great.

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