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So Acme is one of those quiet restaurants that have been in NYC forever but with a facelift, a new star chef and powerhouse team behind it (same owners of Indochine and Bond Street), it instantly shoots into the spotlight.  Acme was redone and reopened under the same name right and around Fashion Week 2012 in NYC.  It was an instant hit with the “cool” fashion set – Alexander Wang had his afterparty in the lounge downstairs and Vladmir Restoin-Roitfeld (former French Vogue editrix’s son) had his party there as well. Combine all that with delicious food from famous Danish chef, Mads Refslund, and you have New Yorkers clamoring to get in. I am not a fan of her AT ALL (she annoys the crap out of me), but for those that care, Tyra Banks was there the night we dined.

Thankfully, Dirty Loofah knows one of the owners and managed to get us a seat Tuesday night.  I was so excited as I’ve been dying to try this restaurant.

Restaurant is really pretty inside. Reminded me very much of the McNally restaurants with brass trimmings and huge smoked mirrors. The restaurant manages to be beautiful and open but cozy at the same time.

While Breakfast Burrito had wine and Cookie Monster nursed beer, Dirty Loofah and I had several of their delicious El Padron cocktail. It’s blanco tequila, fresh grapefruit, cholula, lime and orange bitters:

These went down super easy – dangerous.

We decided to share almost everything we ordered. We started with some oysters served with pickled cucumbers:

We also got brussel sprouts stuffed ravioli with spinach and brown butter sauce:

The ravioli are so delicate and light. I loved the brussel sprout filling – the mildly cabbage-like flavors held up nicely to the rich brown butter sauce which also had a generous dousing of parm cheese. Pasta was definitely freshly made. You get four in a serving. Here’s a better view of the ravioli (albeit half eaten):

To finish up the appetizers, we got three farmer’s eggs which had cauliflower chunks and parmesan foam (amazing presentation):

This was like eating a super light custard. I don’t typically like anything foamy but the heft of the cauliflower chunks and denser bites of cheese made this really delicious. A play on contrasts as they were truly light as air and very decadent at the same time.

For mains, Breakfast Burrito and Cookie Monster got the Maine butter poached lobster with seasonal mushrooms:

The lobster was perfectly poached and very delicious – as were the earthy mushrooms – but the portion was SO small! Literally there were like 4-5 small pieces of lobster on the plate. I would never have gotten full on that!  Delicious but more like an appetizer portion.

I got the famous sea bass. Heard it was delicious so had to try it.  It’s served with bitter greens on top (very bitter!):

OMG yum. The portion here was larger. Two good sized pieces of crispy skinned sea bass with a full flavored and moist flesh.  There isn’t much more to the dish except the bitter greens but honestly the fish really blew me away. We were all loving it. Nestled at the bottom of the plate are reduced balsamic and caramelized tomatoes.  When the fish was eaten with a piece of that sweet tomato, the acid and sweetness paired wonderfully with the crispy salted skin.

Dirty Loofah got the rib eye with grilled spring onions and scallions:

OMFG so delicious. True story: Dirty Loofah requested a steak knife as he was only provided a butter knife and the server said there were no steak knives. We were all a little surprised. How do you cut steak with a butter knife?!?!  But no joke, that piece of meat was so tender, it might as well been butter because that butter knife was JUST FINE. That piece of meat was phenomenal. It was really juicy, very full of flavor, had a nice char on the outside with a deep pink on the inside….it was just the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile. You like steak? you need to get it at Acme. AND the portion was generous!  I joked that next time I go to Acme, I’m going to get the sea bass as an appetizer and the rib eye for main course. (but I think I’m actually dead serious)

We got a side of the creamy mashed potatoes with crispy fried shallots:

Super creamy and really nice with the oniony fried shallots. Not a huge portion for four though lol.

For dessert we got two of the most popular on the menu.  Danish donuts with apple and home made caramel sauce:

Light fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Sigh.  The donuts were perfectly chewy.  Eaten with the apple and caramel and your mouth tricks your brain into thinking you were having apple pie. Not a drop of that apple or caramel sauce was left when we were through.

The most unique dessert I’ve ever had, we got the beer and bread porridge with salted caramel ice cream:

This was so interesting but tasty! Since it was porridge, you actually had something to chew on but the porridge was super creamy and slightly bitter from the beer. Bitter and sweet, creamy and custardy but light all at once. The porridge was warm and the ice cream was cool. Delicious.

I have to be honest, I’m  a little obsessed with the food here. haha. I thought it was quite tasty and the restaurant itself is beautiful with a very pleasant energy. The crowd is diverse – you definitely have the art and fashion set dining here with a good smattering of the corporate account tables in their button downs.  When we were leaving, the restaurant was very full and almost every table top, bar and perch was set up for walk in diners to eat.  I hope to be back here soon.

Acme, 9 Great Jones, New York, NY



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