Posted by: Hungry Korean | March 8, 2012

Frankie’s 570

I’ve had brunch here before (read here) and really liked my egg cheese and bacon sandwich so when Chicken and I met up over the weekend, I suggested we try lunch at Frankie’s again. It has a cute neighborhood West Village feel that I like very much. Surprisingly there was no wait at 1pm – could this be my new “go to brunch spot”?  No waits on a weekend in NYC are rare.

I forgot to take a photo but their bloody mary was darn good. Robust with a full flavor – asked for it extra spicy.

We both started with the fennel, celery root & parsley salad with sliced red onion, lemon and pecorino:

This was really  good. Very fresh and crunchy with hints of licorice from the fennel but the herbaciousness from the parsley.  Although not noted on the menu there were even pumpkin seeds in this salad which we both really liked.  The citrus dressing was bright and the pecorino added nutty saltiness. Perfect starter.

For main, Chicken got the egg cheese and bacon sandwich I had on my first visit and I opted to get the tuna sandwich:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….in a sandwich it’s all about the bread. This bread is super light and chewy pizza dough that’s been split. It’s kinda crunch, it’s chewy and has wonderful flavor to it. The tuna was the canned variety but it was definitely high end canned Italian tuna preserved in olive oil. I cannot tell you how delicious it was. The olive oil made the tuna juicy and not dry and it was really full of flavor without being fishy. Arugula added freshness and a nice peppery bite.  I adored this. Seriously.  There are other more interesting sandwiches like proscuitto or meatballs but this really hit the spot.  I like my meat but every now and again I like a nice tuna sandwich.

Close up:

We got a side of polenta topped with pine nuts:

This was mediocre. Had much better elsewhere and it was quite bland and as it cooled got a bit gelatinous.  You might want to skip this.

All in all, was very very happy with my lunch. Great salad and delicious sandwich. I will definitely go back again.

Frankie’s 570, 570 Hudson Street, New York, NY


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