Posted by: Hungry Korean | April 19, 2012


Met up with Chicken for a quick dinner on Tuesday as I’m leaving for New Orleans tonight (yay).  We were looking to eat “light” and so I thought Markt might be a good choice. Made 730 reservations at Markt in Chelsea, a restaurant that serves mussels and other Belgium fare.

We pretty much got the same thing. We both started with the beef carpaccio with baby arugula and shaved parmesan:

Eh. The meat was a bit bland and I added a ton of salt for flavor (but I guess I add salt to everything I eat lol).  It was nice and light though.  The crostini that they served with it tasted stale and was WAY too hard to be have been freshly made.  Nothing to write home about.

Then we both had a version of mussels. I got mine cooked with garlic and cream. Chicken got the one with a splash of brandy and mushrooms.

There are plenty of mussels in the pot but I did find the broth bland and not so full of flavor. Too much fennel on top!!! I dunno. I was just ok. Mussels are served with fries (which were delicious! again i added salt):

So I thought the meal was just average at best. Nothing was really offensive but nothing was outstanding. The restaurant is large and airy so it felt nice to be there on a nice Tuesday evening and it was very easy to get last minute reservations.

Markt, 676 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY


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