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John Besh is a pretty famous chef from New Orleans.  But he’s not only famous in New Orleans, but worldwide. His restaurants are also considered one of the best so of course we had to try August while we were in town.  The place is high end dining and most of the patrons were dressed up – women in nice dresses and guys in jackets.  The room itself is beautiful with very high ceilings and beautiful chandeliers.  (Photo was taken at end of the night and we were one of the last to finish up – earlier, this restaurant was packed)

The service is incredibly attentive and our server knew exactly what he was doing.

Man, I was still kinda full from the lunch at Cochon and the beignets (and maybe the little bit from the Cheetos I snacked on in the hotel room lol) so I wanted to try and go the lighter route.

The amuse bouche:  it was like a delicate foam/custard of fish topped with caviar and a slender breadstick

I loved the elegant presentation in the egg shell. As expected the amuse was light and not fishy at all but rather the fish flavoring lent a nice savoriness to it.

The entire table started with one of the more famous dishes at August: the handmade gnocchi with blue crab and black truffles:

I wish the photo came out better because when it arrived you just knew it was going to be delicious and rich.  The portion is small (about 4-5 gnocchi) but a little goes a long way. The gnocchi was impossibly light and airy and laced with that amazing creamy truffle sauce.  Blue crabs added a slight sweetness to each bite. This was amazing.  AMAZING.

For main course, Cookie Monster got the sugar and spice duckling with cheese grits, a small round of foie gras (which he shared with me :)), and sauteed spinach:

I know, the duckling sounds terrible….but really it’s duck (young duck)…which, by the way, was cooked perfect. It had no gaminess to it at all, the fat was rendered nicely so the skin was crispy and the meat was tender as filet mignon.

I tried to go light by getting a fish dish.  I got another famous plate at August, the breaded trout with mushrooms, jumbo lump crab and hollandaise sauce.

I asked for the hollandaise sauce on the side and I’m so glad I did because that thing was heavy and I found the fish just as delicious without it. If anything, absence of the sauce allowed all the ingredients to come to the forefront.  That breading was really interesting – it was so thin and crispy!  It added a nice texture to the very moist fish.  Blue crab and mushroom with some pretty fennel fronds round out this plate. I loved it. It was a little earthy from the mushrooms, New Orleans and made a bit more special from the lump blue crab, licquorice-y from the fennel and then of course you had the amazing trout. Seafood is king in NO.

Not being a sweet person I treated myself to a glass of Highland Park. It’s one of my favorite single malt scotches. I love a good scotch.  August had a wide selection of single malt scotches, cordials, cognacs….

The table got the dessert of banana pudding with dehydrated peanut butter, mushroom and nilla wafer ice cream:

This was ridiculous good. It was basically like a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich deconstructed. I meant to get one bite but ended up taking four more. So delicious. Get this if you are into banana or peanut butter anything.

When the meal was over, August presents you with the most delightful petite fours:

From left to right: pecan praline (signature candy of NO and this was off the hook: sugary and VERY buttery), mini cream puff, a homemade jelly and small chocolate with creamy chocolate on the inside.

We were all very satisfied with our meal…the entire day in fact. New Orleans is known for some of their great jazz clubs but the four of us were so full the only thing we could think about was going back to the hotel and digesting our day’s meal.  Besides, there was plenty more eating scheduled for the next day so we had to rest up.

If you are passing through New Orleans, add John Besh’s August to your list of places to eat.

August, 301 Tchoupitoulas Street  New Orleans, LA


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