Posted by: Hungry Korean | May 10, 2012


I’ve already visited and reviewed Acme back in March here.  And I wrote a glowing review of it. I thought the food was delicious.  For Cinco de Mayo a group of us got together and decided to have dinner at Acme before heading out for the night.  Since the food was different from the first time I dined at Acme, I felt it was worthwhile to write another review.

We got a bunch of things for the table to share and then got individual appetizers and main courses. One thing I have to note: each time the server has indicated to the table that the menu was created for “sharing”, however my observations have been that the shared portions are TINY and in all honestly really made for only one person.

Case in point, we decided to share the raviolo stuffed with potato and topped with hen of the woods mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns:

The raviolo skin was delicate and when I broke it to portion out, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bright sunshiney and delectable yellow yolk ooze out.  A generous grating of parmesan and butter sauce finish off the dish.  It’s delicious but honestly, this isn’t meant for sharing…not that I really wanted to either.  It is small and not too hefty despite the ingredients.

We also got the roasted beets:

They were sweet and tender and dressed in a vinaigrette.

Three of us shared half a dozen oysters while Cookie Monster, who doesn’t like raw oysters, ordered this amazing wild mushroom bruschetta-like appetizer.

The picture is terrible and doesn’t do the plate justice but if you love mushrooms, this is a must have. The crusty bread stands up to the heft of those gloriously earthy mushrooms.

For main course, I got shaved foie gras (cold) with langoustine:

OH MY GOD.  The foie gras literally melted in my mouth and it was such a wonderful contrast against the sweet sweet raw langoustine. This plate was so delicate.  My only complaint was they only give you one langoustine.  But honestly this plate was so worth it, so amazing, so heavenly….

For main course, Cookie Monster and I (recalling the rib eye steak from our previous visit) got the rib eye steak cooked medium rare:

Grilled nicely with a char on the outside while perfectly pink on the inside the steak had wonderful flavor to it. It was served a bit differently in that it came with radishes and a slightly sour vinaigrette dressing (which honestly I did not need).  The steak is of phenomenal quality.

One of my friends got the arctic char:

Really moist with a nice salty crispy skin but I found the fish a bit strong for me…slightly fishy as arctic char can be since it’s a cold water fish.  Portion is a generous 2 filets.

For the table, we got the exact same desserts we ordered on our first visit (bc they were that memorable), the Danish donuts with apple compote and caramel sauce along with beer and bread porridge (I won’t rereview these desserts. For the review, click here):

God the meal was tasty. I seriously enjoy the food at Acme immensely. It is definitely a trendy place with a “trendy exclusive lounge downstairs” type NYC restaurant and often times, the hype and scene precedes the food. But this is definitely a restaurant where the food is on par with the hype and it isn’t just about the scene.  Go now.

Acme, 9 Great Jones, New York, NY


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