Posted by: Hungry Korean | May 11, 2012

Red Egg

I’ve only known Red Egg as the successful pop up nightclub I would dance the night away at with friends but it actually is a dim sum restaurant during the day and a good one at that. It has been noted that Red Egg is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s favorite in the city….in case that holds any weight for you…:)

It also happens to be Kale’s favorite spot and over the weekend she took me and Cookie Monster.  I wanted to share some of the beautiful and very tasty things we ordered.

Salt and pepper squid. The batter was so light, not greasy at all.  This was one of my favorites of the meal. Incredibly flavorful with the fried garlic chips and peppers.

Pork spare ribs in a black bean sauce.

The pork was cut into bite size pieces that you pop into your mouth and picked out the bone. The texture was a bit strange for me (a little gristly) but the black bean sauce was amazing.

Shrimp shumai:

Best shumai ever!  That dumpling casing was impossibly tender and springy at the same time and inside there were whole pieces of shrimp and not the minced variety one typically gets.

Shredded duck and deep fried cubes of turnip:

The turnip is rendered very tender from the frying and was a nice contrast against the shredded vegetables. Cookie Monster and Kale loved this dish.

Steamed pork buns:

I do prefer David Chang’s version better. The traditional version is just too bready for my taste.

I honestly cannot remember what this was but it tasted like dessert. There is flaky phyllo dough encasing a somewhat mushy sweet bean tasting center.  Since I don’t love sweet, I wasn’t a huge fan of this.  The whole texture was just too mushy and just too sweet.

Pork dumplings:

The dumpling had chunks of pork for texture but again, it was a bit grisly as I think it was the same variety found in the pork with black beans we had.  This is a relatively standard dim sum offering.

Peking duck steamed buns:

These were amazing.  The duck is sliced table side and made fresh.  A little bit of crispy duck skin, a little bit of dark meat, add some scallions and dark hoison sauce and delicious!  Chinese make the best duck….

So I’ve had dim sum couple times before at other establishments and I have to say, Red Egg’s just tastes less greasy with all the same delicious flavors. It might be slightly pricier than the other spots that serve dim sum in NYC but the food at Red Egg is made to order (whereas the larger spots they are mass produced) and therefore very fresh.  Although the restaurant no longer moonlights as a nightclub, the delicious restaurant is still there for everyone to visit…and without any door drama. 🙂

Red Egg, 202 Centre Street, New York, NY


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